FDA registered, the Wijit is reimbursed by most private insurers, Medicare, and Medicaid. The Wijit is also provided to disabled veterans by the VA.


The Wijit is covered by a one-year limited warranty. The details of the warranty are provided in the User's Manual.

Using the Wijit

The Wijit is simple to use. At the top of the Wijit's handle is the shifter, with three positions that let you shift between forward, neutral, and reverse modes. When in neutral mode (disengaged), the driver lever allows you to use the push-rims or be pushed. The lever is the "powerhouse" of the Wijit system, amplifying your pushing power. In addition, you can pivot the lever arms back into the "stowed position," to sit at the dinner table or your desk, or allow for an easy transfer.

To move the wheelchair, grip each hand grip and move forward or reverse, propelling the wheels in the same direction. Each lever arm is independent of the other. One side can be moved forward while the other is moved in reverse, which pivots the wheelchair in place. For example, you can "turn on a dime" in an elevator to face the door quickly and easily.

To brake, pull the lever arm handles inward toward your body. Each wheel brakes independently, which also enhances steering ability. Hidden inside the Wijit hub is a powerful built-in braking system. The combination of the leverage from its levers, together with the disc brake system, allows you to stop immediately, providing you increased steering control. And, your hands are safe on the handles at all times.

Quick Release Wheel Removal

The Wijit includes a quick-release push-button on the outside of the Wijit hub for easy wheel removal, which allows for easy transport of the wheelchair.

Wheelchair Compatibility

For detailed information on the Wijit's wheelchair compatibility, please click on the following chart.


For additional information, please download the following documents: